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Clearance Light Kit Sealed Rectangular, Amber

Item #1474

The TowSmart Sealed Clearance Light can be used as a clearance or side marker light on your trailer or vehicle. It increases visibility to notify other drivers of your trailer or vehicle. The clearance light features durable chrome plated plastic housing to prevent corrosion and withstand harsh weather conditions. It provides a snap-on, scratch resistant light housing that is easy to use. This allows for easy removal or replacement of the sealed light unit. The clearance light grounds through the mounting screw and has a single lead wire to connect to a DC power supply. This amber sealed clearance light comes with a gasket and mounting screws.

• Durable plastic housing withstands extreme weather conditions
• Clean appearance with chrome base
• Surface mounts on 2" centers
• Grounds through stud for quicker and easy installation
• Compact design fits smaller locations
• Works with 12-Volt systems
• Meet or exceeds DOT standards
• Includes mounting hardware

Product Specs

Item #
Snap in lens with chrome plated base
Color lens
Scratch resistant film
Over 100,000 hours
Corrosion Resistant
DOT certified

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